Photographing the Dream on the Isle of Skye

A few years ago when Steven and I lived in Argyll, we visited Skye and the Hebrides and fell in love.

The landscape of the Hebrides is so entrancing that it was inevitable that we would move here. With my dreams to capture images of this wild place and Steven's dream to build his own house, the concept of Skye Blue was born.

My art focusses on colour and line, harmony and contrast. Steven has built the complementary space, elegant with clean lines and filled with light.

We were incredibly fortunate to find the ideal location to work on our project. From our position on Kilt Rock we have spectacular panoramic views, inspirational for both the photography and for the build. Facing onto the loch and the mountains, the large windows of our gallery and cafe will have you mesmerised.   Whether it is a stormy day of clouds and rain or a beautiful spring day with sheep in the foreground, it is always different, always beautiful. 

We hope you will join us and share in the experience of a lifetime.