The Skye Blue Gallery
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Prints on Metal

The combination of colour brilliance, superior durability and archival qualities makes ChromaLuxe Aluminium printing the perfect choice for large format image reproduction.

Make a lasting visual impact with ChromaLuxe superior print mediums. Using dye sublimation these high-definition, durable photo panels will preserve images for generations to come. Instead of printing images directly on a surface, which may scratch easily, the image is infused into the aluminium coating to provide permanent protection. 

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Sleek, elegance. Lightweight slimline aluminium. 

The ChromaLuxe aluminium prints are easy to hang with a bracket on the back. Your image will sit about 1 inch out from the wall creating a shadow and giving the illusion of the picture floating in space. 

Skyestorm II chlux.jpg

Fluid Art

This past year I have been captivated by ink, brilliantly colourful, fast flowing, free forming ink. It comes in the most amazing colours including shimmering copper, bronze and silver. Here I show step by step the creation of Nebula from first drops of colour on ceramic to the final resin coating that leaves it feeling like glass.

‘Nebula’ Ink painting under resin

‘Nebula’ Ink painting under resin

From the first drops of ink….to final resin coating

Using alcohol as a base the initial drops of colour are added and moved around using a hairdryer. As the fluid ink dries it forms patterns that can be unmade by application of more alcohol. The process is iterative until the final design is created. At this point it is left overnight to dry before the resin is applied. The two part resin is mixed and warmed before pouring and self levelling. Finally, the edges are coated and drips are removed. Bubbles are removed repeatedly using a blow torch. The resulting piece is then left overnight to harden.