Skyesteel I

Skyesteel I

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A stunning water abstract in steel blue and white.

Available as a fine art paper or canvas print. For a highly contemporary look this can also be printed on metal using state of the art technology. 

Custom sizing also available on request. 

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At Kilt Rock waterfall the light changes every season, every month, every day. Some days when the sky is filled with big fluffy clouds, the water becomes steel blue with brilliant white waves. The tide is high and from the clifftops the surge of water against the cliffs is simply breathtaking. There is power certainly, but also elegance in the fabulous white droplets that fill the air and glisten in the sun. 

This image was made from directly above the waves from a height of about 60 metres up (about 200ft) using an exceptionally fast shutter speed to capture the tiny droplets of spray. Each of the images in the collection represent 1/2000th of a second. An instant of the incredible beauty of Nature.