Side by Side - Diptych in Metal

Side by Side - Diptych in Metal


Title : Side by Side

From The Sea Moods Collection

This is the first in a series called Sea Moods, minimalist images that reflect the beauty of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean.

Made on tiny beach on the far side of the Isle of Lewis on a day when the sky was heavy with rain and the waves were rolling softly in. This beach has no name (as far as I can tell), it lies to the north of Uig near a tiny place called Valtos (Bhaltos in the Gaelic language) on the north west coast of Lewis. A place surrounded by rocky cliffs but with silver sands and deep blue water. From here you look out onto the North Atlantic Ocean to Iceland, Greenland and endless seas. The remoteness and the romance of this place puts you under a spell.

The names Sea Moods and Side by Side are inspired by the Hebridean songs of Celtic poet Kenneth Macleod (1871 - 1955).

On ridge of ocean,
Shelf of shore,
What place so e'er the tide has left thee!
Ho ro ho, hook-o

Side by side
My love and I:
To sleep a-falling:
Croon of waves
O love, our talla.

Two metal prints ready to hang. Each panel is 60 x 40 inches.

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