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Who knows what secrets the sea holds deep under the waves. Enigmatic blue and deep unfathomable darkness is all we see on the surface. She sends us messages in white rolling waves if only we could understand their meaning…. 

From The Sea Moods Collection

This is an image from my new series called Sea Moods, minimalist images that reflect the beauty of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. 

Made on tiny beach on the far side of the Isle of Lewis on a day when the sky was heavy with rain and the waves were rolling softly in. This beach has no name (as far as I can tell), it lies to the north of Uig near a tiny place called Valtos (Bhaltos in the Gaelic language) on the north west coast of Lewis. A place surrounded by rocky cliffs but with silver sands and deep blue water. From here you look out onto the North Atlantic Ocean to Iceland, Greenland and endless seas. The remoteness and the romance of this place puts you under a spell. 

The name Sea Moods was inspired by the Hebridean songs of Celtic poet and songwriter Kenneth Macleod (1871 - 1955). Here are a few lines that seem apt...

Deep the longing that has seized me, 
Song nor fiddle lifts it off, 
In my ear the ocean sounding
Sets me roving from the glen,
And sea voices ever call me:
Come, O love, to thy home land. 

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Also available on ChromaLuxe Aluminium. Simply stunning vibrant pictures that appear to float off your wall. The image is printed on a slimline metal sheet that has a hanging frame on the back so that it sits out from the wall by a couple of inches, this gives you a shadow that makes it look as if it is floating. No separate payment for framing, no more breakable glass and expensive heavy frames to carry from house to house, this is scratch resistant durable and will last a lifetime. This is the latest in high definition quality printing and framing and very few places in the world can produce an image this size in this format. The image is processed so that the dye is sublimated right into the aluminium sheets resulting in superb vibrant colours that last a lifetime. Your beautiful art will be carefully packaged in a custom made box with plenty of protection for shipping. Shipping tracked and signed for as standard.