Day is Blue

Day is Blue

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Oversized wall art print, the type of extra large wall art you could look at forever. The blue in this image of a tree and water will have you lost and dreaming.


The lone tree at Milarochy on the side of Loch Lomond very early on a Winter's morning when the sun had not yet risen. All was blue, all was calm and very very quiet. 

The name was inspired by the fabulous ultramarine blue colour of this image. 
"Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not. They are pre-psychological expanses, red, for example, presupposing a site radiating heat.. .All colours arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible, while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract." Yves Klein.

Available as a fine art paper or canvas print. For a highly contemporary look this can also be printed on metal using state of the art technology. 

Custom sizing also available on request. 

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