The Cuillin

The Cuillin

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The Black Cuillins of Skye are an incredible sight, their rocky outline breaks the sky in two, the blue light of a late Winter evening adds to the drama. It is said that the Cuillins were made long before time began, when the Sun threw his spear at the old Hag of the Ridges (called Cailleach Bhur or Winter) causing a great blister on the earth. The blister grew and grew until it was 6 miles wide and six miles high before it burst and formed the Cuillins in a black molten mass. Winter hid under the roots of a holly bush and did not return and even now her snow is useless on the slopes of these mountains. 

Available as a fine art paper or canvas print. For a highly contemporary look this can also be printed on metal using state of the art technology. 

Custom sizing also available on request. 

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