The One Tree

The One Tree

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Romantic Scotland! On the Isle of Skye there are few trees, we are too far north and it is very windy and rocky.  This tiny tree  was a surprising find, nestled against the hill in a mountain glen filled with sheep.   

This island is full of stories of fairy folk and magic often including trees.  It is easy to imagine that this little hawthorn tree stands on the threshold to the fairy world. In the ballad of Thomas the Rhymer, the Scots poet is taken away by the Queen of Elfland as he sits beneath an ancient thorn known as the Eildon tree. In another old rhyme, the Ballad of Sir Cawline, a lady dares the hero to go to Eldridge Hill where a hawthorn grows, to await there the faery king. 

Available as a fine art paper or canvas print. For a highly contemporary look this can also be printed on metal using state of the art technology. 

Custom sizing also available on request. 

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