Lost in the Dunes

Lost in the Dunes

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If you lie in the dunes and watch the sea you might never get up again, it is hypnotic. The sound of the teal blue waters of Luskentyre lap gently and the sun streams through bright golden grass. The only sound is water and faint cries of the oyster catchers swooping overhead. On this quiet and gentle beach sheep roam free and a little white pony grazes. Here rabbits run and there is no one around. 

This is a single image created in camera created by moving the camera gently too and fro to capture the essence of the sea, the sky and the soft grass. 

Custom sizing also available on request. 

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There is a beautiful poem by Scotttish Islander Edwin Muir that works so well with this image. Here are a few lines....

The Northern Islands

In favoured summers
These islands have the sun all to themselves
And light a toy to play with, weeks on end.
The empty sky and waters are a shell
Endlessly turning, turning the wheel of light,
While the tranced waves run wavering up the sand.

Available as a fine art paper or canvas print. For a highly contemporary look this can also be printed on metal using state of the art technology.